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Federal Budget


Federal Budget


Federal Budget


Federal Budget



US Federal Budget Analyst

Each federal budget includes estimated outlays for the fiscal year in progress and for five future fiscal years.

FY16 Federal Budget Spending Estimates
for Fiscal Years 2015 - 2020

2015   2016   2017   2018   2019   2020  

Units: By default, values are displayed in billions of nominal dollars. By using a dropdown control in the table heading you can select millions of dollars, percent of GDP, percent of federal total, percent of overall total, dollars per capita of population, and thousand dollars per capita of population.
US Budget Year: By default, the table displays budgeted and estimated numbers from the most recent US Federal Budget submitted to the Congress by the president. But you can look at numbers from other US Federal Budgets using this dropdown control.
US Budget Year: By default, the table displays budgeted and estimated numbers from the most recent US Federal Budget submitted to the Congress by the president. But you can look at numbers from other US Federal Budgets using this dropdown control.
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US Federal Government FY 15+ Budget
Estimated Outlays in $ billion nominal
-5yr -1yr   as of Winter 2015  
Estimated Outlays from US Federal FY 15+ Budget
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FY 2015
FY 2016
FY 2017
FY 2018
FY 2019
FY 2020
[–]  Pensions:  Start chart961.31,015.21,070.11,127.61,197.70.0
[–]  Sickness and disability0.
[–]  Old age961.31,015.21,070.11,127.61,197.70.0
[+] Federal employee retirement and disability (602)141.8148.3148.9148.8158.00.0
[+] Social security (651)903.2952.01,008.01,067.61,131.10.0
[+] Employer share, employee retirement (on-budget) (951)-67.7-68.5-69.5-70.9-72.60.0
[+] Employer share, employee retirement (off-budget) (952)-16.0-16.7-17.3-17.9-18.80.0
[–]  Health Care:  Start chart1,044.51,124.31,160.01,192.41,282.10.0
[–]  Medical service (Seniors)532.3574.9581.4595.0654.10.0
[+] Medicare (571)532.3574.9581.4595.0654.10.0
[–]  Medical service0.
[–]  Public health services5.
[+] Consumer and occupational health and safety (554)
[–]  R and D Health31.932.132.132.733.90.0
[+] Health research and training (552)31.932.132.132.733.90.0
[–]  Health n.e.c.
[–]  Vendor Payments (Welfare)475.3512.5541.4559.6589.00.0
[+] Health care services (551)475.3512.5541.4559.6589.00.0
[–]  Education:  Start chart130.7125.9127.5133.0137.30.0
[–]  Pre primary thru secondary education42.142.043.345.948.30.0
[+] Elementary, secondary, and vocational education (501)
[–]  Tertiary education37.534.237.540.341.70.0
[+] Higher education (502)37.534.237.540.341.70.0
[–]  Education not definable by level51.149.746.746.747.20.0
[+] General science and basic research (251)13.312.512.612.812.90.0
[+] Research and general education aids (503)
[+] Training and employment (504)12.912.
[+] Other labor services (505)
[+] Social services (506)19.419.319.820.220.60.0
[–]  Subsidiary services to education0.
[–]  R and D Education0.
[–]  Education n.e.c.
Charts: Click on a to display a bar of data in a row or column of this table.
Click on to display a time-series chart of data in a row.
[+] Drill-down: Click on the [+] to drill down to more detailed numbers. For federal spending line items (but not revenue) you can drill down three levels to view about 4,000 items of spending at the “agency code” level.
Defense:  Start chart839.9817.0800.7801.6823.80.0
[–]  Military defense631.3592.4578.2578.7585.80.0
[+] Department of Defense -- Military (051)584.3557.3547.8549.4556.40.0
[+] Atomic energy defense activities (053)20.819.919.819.419.80.0
[+] Defense-related activities (054)
[–]  Civil defense0.
[–]  Veterans158.5174.7174.0175.0190.20.0
[+] Income security for veterans (701)
[+] Veterans education, training, and rehabilitation (702)14.416.116.216.417.80.0
[+] Hospital and medical care for veterans (703)57.460.461.762.863.90.0
[+] Veterans housing (704)
[+] Other veterans benefits and services (705)
[–]  Foreign military aid13.912.511.610.910.90.0
[+] International security assistance (152)13.912.511.610.910.90.0
[–]  Foreign economic aid36.237.436.937.037.00.0
[+] International development and humanitarian assistance (151)24.123.422.622.522.70.0
[+] Conduct of foreign affairs (153)14.114.814.414.214.20.0
[+] Foreign information and exchange activities (154)
[+] International financial programs (155)-3.5-2.2-1.6-1.3-1.40.0
[–]  R and D Defence0.
[–]  Defence n.e.c.
[–]  Welfare:  Start chart394.2401.0399.7399.1412.20.0
[+]  Family and children283.1296.4294.5293.8305.90.0
[+]  Unemployment51.045.446.
[+]  Unemployment trust0.
[–]  Workers compensation8.
[+] General retirement and disability insurance (excluding social security (Disc. 2005) (601)
[–]  Housing51.650.451.049.949.00.0
[+] Housing assistance (604)51.650.451.049.949.00.0
[–]  Social exclusion n.e.c.
[–]  R and D Social protection0.
[–]  Social protection n.e.c.
[–]  Protection:  Start chart55.855.959.
[–]  Police services27.228.429.730.230.80.0
[+] Federal law enforcement activities (751)27.228.429.730.230.80.0
[–]  Fire protection services0.
[–]  Law courts21.820.522.420.721.00.0
[+] Federal litigative and judicial activities (752)17.715.715.916.216.50.0
[+] Criminal justice assistance (754)
[–]  Prisons6.
[+] Federal correctional activities (753)
[–]  R and D Public order and safety0.
[–]  Public order and safety n.e.c.
[–]  Transportation:  Start chart97.8102.3105.6105.4104.20.0
[–]  Transport97.8102.3105.6105.4104.20.0
[+] Ground transportation (401)66.672.776.075.974.30.0
[+] Air transportation (402)20.619.119.118.718.90.0
[+] Water transportation (403)
[+] Other transportation (407)
[+]  Transit0.
[–]  General Government:  Start chart27.929.730.832.435.10.0
[–]  Executive and legislative organs, financ17.618.819.
[+] Legislative functions (801)
[+] Executive direction and management (802)
[+] Central fiscal operations (803)11.912.213.013.814.40.0
[+] General property and records management (804)
[+] Central personnel management (805)
[–]  General services10.310.811.713.214.90.0
[+] General purpose fiscal assistance (806)
[+] Other general government (808)
[–]  Other Spending:  Start chart97.0110.2123.2119.8126.50.0
[–]  Basic research17.517.617.718.018.30.0
[+] Space flight, research, and supporting activities (252)17.517.617.718.018.30.0
[–]  General economic, commercial and labour -9.2-10.0-8.5-7.0-2.60.0
[+] Deposit insurance (373)-9.2-10.0-8.5-7.0-2.60.0
[–]  Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunti24.430.833.532.125.70.0
[+] Other natural resources (306)
[+] Farm income stabilization (351)11.917.920.919.412.80.0
[+] Agricultural research and services (352)
[–]  Fuel and energy0.6-2.8-3.9-4.4-4.50.0
[+] Energy supply (271)
[+] Energy conservation (272)
[+] Emergency energy preparedness (274)
[+] Energy information, policy, and regulation (276)
[+] Rents and royalties on the Outer Continental Shelf (953)-8.0-8.0-7.4-7.1-7.30.0
[–]  Mining, manufacturing and construction0.
[–]  Communication-3.7-2.4-3.5-3.0-1.90.0
[+] Postal Service (372)-3.7-2.4-3.5-3.0-1.90.0
[–]  Other industries0.
[–]  R and D Economic affairs0.
[–]  Economic affairs n.e.c.14.39.510.59.915.80.0
[+] Other advancement of commerce (376)18.220.620.217.718.70.0
[+] Sale of major assets (954)-0.1-0.2-0.4-0.9-0.20.0
[+] Other undistributed offsetting receipts (959)-3.8-10.9-9.3-6.9-2.70.0
[+]  Waste management0.
[+]  Waste water management0.
[+]  Pollution abatement8.
[+]  Protection of biodiversity and landscape12.313.
[+]  R and D Environmental protection0.
[+]  Environmental protection n.e.c.
[+]  Housing development-36.7-39.3-41.1-42.3-39.40.0
[+]  Community development28.925.824.418.114.20.0
[+]  Water supply9.
[+]  Street lighting0.
[+]  R and D Housing and community amenities0.
[+]  Housing and community amenities n.e.c.
[–]  Recreational and sporting services3.
[+] Recreational resources (303)
[+]  Cultural services0.
[+]  Broadcasting and publishing services0.
[+]  Religious and other community services0.
[+]  R and D Recreation, culture and religion0.
[+]  Recreation, culture and religion n.e.c.
[+]  R and D General public services0.
[+]  General public services n.e.c.
[+]  Transfers of a general character between0.
[–]  Interest:  Start chart251.9317.6391.7473.7550.70.0
[–]  Public debt transactions251.9317.6391.7473.7550.70.0
[+] Interest on Treasury debt securities (gross) (901)454.9511.3590.5680.0767.20.0
[+] Interest received by on-budget trust funds (902)-56.7-57.9-58.4-60.2-66.10.0
[+] Interest received by off-budget trust funds (903)-96.2-93.0-92.0-91.6-91.20.0
[+] Other interest (908)-49.3-41.9-47.5-53.6-58.40.0
[+] Other investment income (909)-0.8-0.9-0.9-0.9-0.90.0
[+]  Balance0.
[+]  Total Spending3,901.04,099.14,268.64,443.14,728.80.0
[+]  Federal Deficit563.6531.1457.8413.3502.70.0
[+]  Gross Public Debt18,713.519,511.620,261.720,961.021,670.80.0
Pie Chart: Select a pie chart you wish to display. You can create a pie chart for federal, state and local, and overall spending/revenue.

b - budgeted estimate in US FY16 budget
e - estimated by

Data Sources for 2015:
Federal: Fed. Budget: Hist. Tables 3.2, 5.1, 7.1

Data Sources for 2020:
Federal: Fed. Budget: Hist. Tables 3.2, 5.1, 7.1

The table shows overall budgeted federal outlays for major functions for the next five years, as estimated in the historical tables in the current presidential budget.

You can change the budget to be analyzed or drill down to view more detailed spending information.

But. For the “default” and “programs” views, we have extracted data from the Public Budget Database to expand Social Security and Medicare beyond the single line item each gets in Table 3.2. The Public Budget Database starts publishing six years of estimated outlays with the FY10 budget, so this page will only provide a full six years of estimated outlays starting with the FY10 budget.


Data Sources: Federal spending from Budget of the United States Government.

For a discussion of the sources of the government spending data used here read How We Got the Data for

Budget Updates: The president’s budget is typically published each year in February.

Download Federal Budget Data for 2015-2020

You can download budget data as a CSV file or directly as a tab-delimited table.

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Spending Data Sources

Spending data is from official government sources.
  Federal data since 1962 comes from the president’s budget.
  All other spending data comes from the US Census Bureau.

Gross Domestic Product data comes from US Bureau of Economic Analysis and

Detailed table of spending data sources here.

Federal spending data begins in 1792.

State and local spending data begins in 1890.

State and local spending data for individual states begins in 1957.

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Data Sources for 2015_2020:

Sources for 2015:

GDP, GO: GDP, GO Sources
Federal: Fed. Budget: Hist. Tables 3.2, 5.1, 7.1
State and Local: State and Local Gov. Finances
'Guesstimated' by projecting the latest change in reported spending forward to future years

Sources for 2020:

GDP, GO: GDP, GO Sources
Federal: Fed. Budget: Hist. Tables 3.2, 5.1, 7.1
State and Local: State and Local Gov. Finances
'Guesstimated' by projecting the latest change in reported spending forward to future years

> data sources for other years
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US, State Population Update for 2014

On December 24, 2014 the US Census Bureau released its national and state population estimates for 2014.  On December 24, 2014 updated its US and state population data as follows:
  • We updated 2014 population data for US and states using data from US Census Bureau Population Estimates: vintage 2014 in file NST-EST2014-01.xls.
  • We projected 2014 thru 2019 for US and states assuming population rate change for 2013-24.
  • We updated 2015 thru 2019 for US using data from US Census Bureau 2012 National Population Projections in file NP2014-T1.xls. uses population data in computing per capita spending and revenue data.  You can see per capita spending data in a chart here, and in a table of spending here.

You can check the data update schedule here.

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