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2000s spending

Federal Spending by State

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Comparison of Federal Spending by State
in the United States
-5yr -1yr   Fiscal Year 2009  +1yr
Amounts in $ billion

Federal Non-Defense Spending
by State in $ billion

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 All states combined$3,238.4$534.9$2,703.5$762.9$550.8$744.1$299.4
 New York$195.0$13.6$181.3$54.0$14.5$62.4$12.4
 North Carolina$84.8$12.5$72.3$18.5$5.2$20.9$11.6
 New Jersey$80.6$10.9$69.8$22.7$12.1$16.8$5.2
 District of Columbia$49.9$4.9$45.0$5.0$7.8$12.0$22.3
 South Carolina$46.9$6.7$40.2$10.2$8.2$9.2$3.9
 New Mexico$27.5$2.8$24.7$3.8$7.7$7.0$2.5
 West Virginia$19.8$0.9$18.9$4.7$0.8$4.9$1.9
 Rhode Island$11.5$1.1$10.4$3.1$0.7$3.6$0.9
 New Hampshire$11.8$2.1$9.8$2.3$1.9$2.6$0.8
 South Dakota$9.5$0.9$8.6$3.1$0.6$2.5$1.0
 North Dakota$8.6$0.8$7.8$3.1$0.5$2.3$1.0
Notes: actual estimated

Data Source: US Census Bureau Statistical Abstract

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Data Sources for 2009:

GDP, GO: GDP, GO Sources
Federal: Fed. Budget: Hist. Tables 3.2, 5.1, 7.1
State and Local: State and Local Gov. Finances

> data sources for other years
> data update schedule.

State Finances for FY 2013

On February 3, 2015 the US Census Bureau released data on state finances for FY 2013 here, including spending and revenue for each individual state and for all states combined.

On February 3, 2015 we updated state and local spending and revenue data for FY2013 through FY2020 as follows:
  1. We replaced "guesstimatedstate spending and revenue data for FY2013 using the new FY2013 data from the Census Bureau.
  2. We replaced "guesstimatedlocal spending and revenue data for FY 2013 with estimates for each spending and revenue category using the trends in state finances between FY 2012 and FY 2013.
  3. We replaced "guesstimatedstate revenue data for FY 2014 with data from the Census Bureau's quarterly state tax summary here.
  4. We replaced "guesstimatedlocal revenue data for FY 2014 with estimates for each category using trends for each category of state revenue between FY 2013 and FY 2014.
  5. We replaced "guesstimated" state and local spending and revenue for FY 2014 thru FY2020 with new guesstimates based on the latest Census Bureau data for FY 2013 state finances and FY 2014 quarterly tax data.
We expect the Census Bureau to release local spending and revenue data for FY 2013 not earlier than Summer 2015.

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