Current Government Spending in the US

Fiscal Year Federal SpendingTotal Spending
2015$3.69 trln$6.43 trln
2016$3.85 trln$6.66 trln
2017$4.15 trln$7.04 trln
2018$4.35 trln$7.34 trln

Note that federal spending is gross spending, and includes monies transferred to state and local governments.

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Total 1950 Spending by Function

Function -yr 1950 +yr  
  Total Spending$70.3 billion 
  Pensions$1.4 billion 
  Health Care$2.7 billion 
  Education$9.6 billion 
  Defense$24.2 billion 
  Welfare$5.7 billion 
Spending: actual

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